Johnny Carino's Itallian Wedge Salad

1/4 of a wedge of crisp iceberg lettuce

Top with:

bacon crumbles

candied pecans

Gorgonzola cheese

diced Granny Smith apples

diced roman tomatoes

Top salad with ranch dressing

How to make Candied Pecans: In a sauce pan on high heat pour ¼ cup of sugar and one full bag f chopped pecans together, stir constantly. You will see the sugar caramelize. Remove from heat. These burn easily so watch them carefully.


YUM! This is one of my absolute favorites. Can't wait to try it. Also, just wanted to let you know that I made your egg nog bundt cake and it was a hit. Everyone loved it. DELICIOUS!
Anonymous said…
The ranch dressing is a garlic ranch at our local Johnny's restaurant - any idea how to put that together as far as ingredient proportions? Also, the apples have lemon juice on them, likely to prevent browning, but it adds wonderful flavor.
Anonymous said…
Absolutly love this salad.
Anonymous said…
Actually it has garlic ranch.. i make em everyday lol. sorry
Anonymous said…
How big is the "one full bag" of chopped pecans??
I buy the costco sized bag.