Thai Sweet & Sour


Garlic (minced or fresh, finely chopped)
Cooking Oil
1 can pineapple chunks
Fish Sauce
5-6 tsp. sugar
Green Pepper
4-5 Roma tomatoes
cucumber (sliced)

Cut chicken into small, thin pieces.
Cut tomatoes, onion, & green pepper into medium to small pieces.

Begin by pouring oil into large frying pan or wok and heating between medium high and high.
When oil has heated for a few minutes put garlic, and chicken in pan. Cook until done.
Add onions, stirring for a few minutes. Add pineapple and stir.
Add ketchup (approx. 3/4 cup). Stir if it's red then it's enough., vinegar (approx. 2 TBS.), fish sauce {approx. 1 TBS) and sugar. Stir. Adjust taste to your liking, more vinegar if not sour enough more fish sauce if not salty enough, or more sugar and ketchup to taste. Add green pepper and cook until warmed & slightly softened, then add tomatoes and cucumber, heat until warm.
Serve over steamed rice. (Jasmin rice is best.)

Recipe Courtesy: {Nillawan Grover}


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Thanks for all the hard work you do on this site. I just love all it.
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